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Voki Talking Avatars

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Voki is an application that lets you create personalized avatars to use on your wikis, blogs or websites. You can also e-mail these wonderful characters. This free web 2.0 tool is a great way to motivate learners of any age, because they are very interactive and provide various options for students to customize them.  It’s a great way to improve your students' speaking and listening skills in an engaging and innovative way.





Student Examples


Below,you can see examples of vokis that were created by kindergarten kids!!





Dialogues between Vokis


You can also have a dialogue between Vokis. Here's an example that teaches students what the idiom "rooting for" means in American English. You can read more on how to do this in this post, Engaging Students with Voki.







Character Development Using Voki Speaking Avatars


One of the best ways I like to use Voki avatars is to have students develop characters for digital storytelling projects. Have students create a Voki character as the main character in their digital story! This is especially helpful with young learners who love reading and telling stories. If you take your students to a computer lab, let your students begin creating the avatars and walk around and ask the following questions about their characters. Feel free to develop your own questions. These questions are just to get you started and get you familiar with the various Voki options.





Video Tutorial


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Video Tutorial: Podcasting with Students Using Voki


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More great Voki links from http://cybraryman.com/voki.html




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