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“I know only one thing about the technologies that awaits us in the future:We will find ways to tell stories with them.”  Jason Ohlar




Shelly's Digital Storytelling Presentation Resources



Slideshow of the Presentation




Download the Hand-Outs from the Presentation!


*Elements of the Story- Hand-out by Kevin Hodgson

*Character Development- Hand-out by Kevin Hodgson

*Storyboarding- Hand-out by Kevin Hodgson

*Storyboarding- Hand-out by Bernajean Porter




Videos Featured in the Presentation


*A Short Love Story in Stop Motion by Carlos Lascano


A SHORT LOVE STORY IN STOP MOTION from Carlos Lascano on Vimeo.


*How A Short Love Story was Created


*Chiarastella- Stop Motion Film by Raffaella Traniello's class


Chiarastella from Raffaella Traniello on Vimeo.


*How Chiarastella was Created




Featured Tools/ Websites from the Presentation!


*Bitstrips for Schools

- Create collaborative comics as an entire class or individual comics! Embed in a blog or wiki.


*VoiceThread for Educators

-Interactive way to present stories and have parents and other students comment on the stories. Several options. Embed in a blog or wiki.



-Students create beautiful stories by choosing beautiful art and adding the words. Embed in a blog or wiki.



-Upload your videos here for free in high quality and to embed in a blog or wiki.


*Claymation Resources from Maryna Badenhorst

-This website provides you with tips and resources for making great claymation movies with your students.


*Stop Motion Resources from Kevin Hodgson

-This website provides you with tips and resources for making great stopmotion movies with your students.




Useful Resources for Creating Digital Stories


How to Websites:


*Me and My Movie

-Kids can create movies and do interactive activities to help design a set, create characters, and more. This website teaches students about the process of making movies.


*Creating Digital Video Projects with Bare Bones Equipment

-Provides useful tips in making student movies when you have very little technical resources


*Lightning Bug- Write A Story from Beginning to End

-Kids do various activities to learn about the writing process.


*Digital Directors Guild

- Information to help educators effectively integrate digital movie making into the curriculum.


*Open Thinking Wiki by Alec Couros

-Lists several resources for finding creative commons materials, how to websites, and more!


*How to Make a Talking Story Book


*How to Make a Little Reader Starring the Student by Jason Renshaw

- English Raven shows you how to make a digital story starring the children's favorite places and activities using free screen capture software!


*17 Stop Motion Video Examples and Resources by Shelly Terrell




Creative Commons Sources:


*Primary Access- Create a story online & storyboard with creative common pictures

-You must check out the historical pictures including some of famous historical figures which are free to use.



-Up to 10 free stock photo images if you register. These are great because you don't have any rules to citing the source so you can decide to just bookmark all the images and provide the link or whatever you choose to do. Also these are high quality and professional images.


*CCMixter- Creative Common Music & Songs

-An extensive database with several songs free to use in your videos and publish. There are 1000s of quality songs and you have easy search options to find any genre of a song!


*Freesound- Creative Common Sound Clips

-An extensive database of sounds. Great for presentations and podcasts.


*Best Online Sources for Images by Larry Ferlazzo

-Larry lists his favorite sites so you don't have to search other sites and he explains their advantages and disadvantages.


*Copyright Friendly Wiki

-An extensive database of links to images and sounds. Also, provides information about copyright.


*30+ Places to Find Creative Commons Media

-A great list of websites with audio, images, video and text documents.




Several Digital Storytelling Tools by Ozge Karaoglu


Digital storytelling, in short, using technologies to tell stories.  It’s a great way to develop visual and media literacy, promote reflection, engage students in their own learning, improve speaking and writing skills, to collaborate, reflect and evaluate.



you can create your slide shows with different skins, animations and transitions. You can also create guestbooks for your sites. It allows embedding.


lets you upload your powerpoint presentations and share it with others. You can add podcast to your ppts as well. You can embed it. It’s also a great site for improving yourself. There are good ppts ready for you to learn and get inspired.


is another site that lets you create slide shows with different animations, skins, transitions. You can add music, create a guestbook and embed it.


It’s the best way to create your digital cartoon and tell a story with it. I’m sure you and your students can create wonderful cartoons.


is another site I’m a fan with its applications.

  • Bookr- you create online books using Flickr pictures. you can decide on the number of the pages and embed it or send the link to others.
  • Phrasr- you write anything you want and it finds images that match with each of your word. You can send the links to others. Great way to wish a birthday!!
  • Bubblr- create your comic strip with Flickr pictures and add bubbles to tell your story!


 Create your beautiful slide shows and share them with the world.


lets you create your videos less than a minute. You just add your photos, choose music and add your text. Animoto does the rest.


allows you to make animations and to animate the pictures.


is a site where you can create your speaking avatar. You can record your voice, or you can use text to speech.


  allows you to place yourself inside an interactive video greeting card that you can send to others.


It’s a tool for writing subtitles for Bollywood films. You can also record your voice or use text to speech application. There is also BombayTV2 where you can edit different scenes from Bollywood films together and add subtitles to them. ClassikTV allows to put them different scenes together and add music+effects to it. Also, you can have a look at FuteBolTV where you can add subtitles to football matches, you can record your voice as well.

Animata you can create animations and backgrounds.

BigHugeLabs You can easily create a slide show from images anywhere on the web.

BigUniverse is an engaging website. You can read book online or you can create your own and publish it.

BubbleSnaps lets you add bubbles to your pictures and create slide show.

Capzles is a way to combine your videos,photos, blogs and mp3s into a multimedia storyline.

ComicBrush lets you mix artwork and create comics  from a fun collection of comic backgrounds, characters and photos of yours .

Writeboard is a shareable web based text that shows you every edit and let you go back anytime. It’s a great tool for collaborative storytelling.

With DandeLife, you can keep record of the events of your past and present. You can add videos and pictures. It’s a great timeline and a online journal!

DigitalFilms is a website that lets you create your own film for free. You choose your background scene, characters, animated actions, dialogue, introduction and ending credits.

WebSlides let you convert your feeds and bookmarks and present them as live web pages in an interactive slide show. It’s a great way to create and share unique presentations based on web content and user annotations.

Dipity is an online timeline that you can add videos and pictures.

Doink is a great way to create your own stories and share them with others. You can create your own story from scratch or you can use other animated stories to create yours.

Empressr is a media presentation tool. You can add pictures, videos, audios, music and share it with the world.

Jaycut lets you edit your movies online.

Mixbook allows you to create your collaborative photo books and albums.

Fix8 allows you to customize your on-screen virtual appearance in real time using avatar technology. In short, it’s a web cam technology that lets you animate yourself.

With FuzzWich, choose your settings, characters. If you like, you can even customize your character with your face. You drag the character and decide on its move and create your animated film. You can also have a look at FuzzWichFridge where you can play with magnetic words upon a fridge.

GoAnimate is a site where you can create your own animations. You don’t need to have a drawing skill or know about Flash.

With LifeHabs, you can create a sharable interactive timeline of the significant events in your life.

TimeGlider lets you create your web-based timeline software to create and share history and project plans.

PhotoAlbum lets you share and archive photos and videos. You can create your own albums with your photos,videos and add your text.

You can create your timeline with OurStory, you can add photos,videos and write your text.

MyStoryMaker allows you to create your own online story.

With SmileBox, you can create scrapbooks and e-cards with using your pictures,videos, words and music to share it with the world.

You can create easy slide shows on PhotoPeach and tell your story over photos.

You can decorate you pictures, add bubbles, create clips and photo galleries on PhotoShop.

Tikatok is an online platform where you can write your story, illustrate it and publish your original story with others.

Slideoo is the horizontal photo slide show for Flickr and Splashr is a tool for presenting Flickr photos.

SlideStory lets you share your photos with your narrated voice.

With Speechable, you can  upload and add speech bubbles to your photos.

You can create comic scripts with Toondo.

DVolver can make you a director in minutes. You choose your character, scene, background, title, music and you only add what you want your characters to say. This is one of my favourite off all.

With WritingFun, you can use text organizers to assist your students with the writing process.

Write4Net is a similar to prorperous. You can publish your texts without needing a blog or a website. You write your text and Write4Net publishes it using your Twitter account. It’s interesting though I’m not sure if we can consider this blog under digital storytelling tools.

 With Xtimeline, you can create great timeles for biographies,resource, history or current issuses.

Glogster is a tool to creare online and interactive posters. You can add pictures, videos, texts or podcasts to your glog page. Wix is a similar tool like Glogster. You can create your own page with podcasts, pictures,videos, effects and texts.

Yodio allows you to add voice to your photos and create your own presentations.

Xtranormal lets you create your unique stiroes with your own messages. Drag and drop animations and use text-to movie application. 

Timetoast is another site to create timelines and share them on the web with others.     

With SuperActionComicMaker, you can create your own super comic hero and tell your story with him. 

Gnomz and Mainada are other sites where you can create your own comic.  

Kerpoof is a site where you can create original artwork, animated movies, stories, greeting cards and more.

You can create own photo scripts by chhosing your layout, uploading your pictures, adding bubbles with texts and effects on Comeeko.

Blabberize lets you make a photo talk with your own voice.

Pixton is another comic strip creator and you can create in multiple languages.

 Prezi has become my favourite presentation tool from now on. It has a very unique interface to present your topic. It’s zooming sketches on a digital page.

Ahead is similar to Prezi. You share any media on your own zooming web spaces.

Mapskip is a site where you can tell your stories on a map.

You can create multimedia presentations, movies and podcasts with MediaWorks.  

WallWisher is a great way to collborate and an online notice board maker though you can use it for so many other purposes.

AMap is a great and a fun way to display your live debates. We can use it to review a book or a story we’ve read. I loved it!

OneWord is a minimalistic storytelling. It gşves you a word and you have to write about it in sixty seconds.

PicLits is a creative writing site that matches beautiful images with carefully selected keywords in order to inspire you.

LittleBirdTales is a site where you can upload your drawings and record your voice for each picture to create your story.

Vocaroo lets you record our voice and send it to other via email or you can get the embed code and put it on your website.

CrazyTalk let you make your pictures talk. You can add emotions and you can use text-to-speech form.

StoryBird is a collaborative storytelling tool. Two or more people create their stories by writing the text and adding pictures. You can share it with others.

You can create your own comic on Mashon by adding text, pictures, videos and audio.

ComicBrush lets you create your own comics by using your drawing, photos and ready to use artwork. You can publish it and share with others.

Vuvox is a site where you can mix, create and blend your videos, photos and music into rich personal expressions.

Heekya is a social storytelling platform that lets you create, share and discover your stories.

Scratch allows you to create your own interactive stories, animations and share your creations on web.

Tabblo lets you make your pictures talk.

SketchSwap lets you draw a picture and when you finish, you can see somebody else’s drawing.

Plurk is a site where you can showcase the events of your life on a timeline.

Zinepal lets you create printable PDFs and e-books from any online content.

WittyComics allows you to create comic strips. StripCreator is a similar site.

SuperHerosSquad lets you to create a comic book using heroes.

You can create time lines using TimeRime and MyTimeLines.

Privnote lets you to create notes that will self-destruct themselves after being read.

You can turn your Flickr photos into visually stunning presentations with Picswievr.

CropMom lets you create your online scrap books.

You can make and send greeting cards with your own voice using VoxCards.

Skywrite allows you to write your message on sky.

PhotoSnack is a site where you can create professional photo slide shows.

You can write your own story, add an existing or illustrate one with Colla-O-Write.

Linoit lets you leave sticky notes to existing web pages.

You can create your own stop motion animation on ClayAnimator or you can try Fluxtime.



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